Harvard Doctor Reveals the Breakthrough Science Used to Reset Your Hormones, Reboot Your Energy and Help the Weight Melt Away

How Any Woman Can Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 21 Days Without Fad Diets or Hours On A Treadmill...

Watch this quick video to understand how Dr Sara has helped over 130,453 women discover the ROOT CAUSE behind STUBBORN WEIGHT, BRAIN FOG, INSOMNIA, and MOOD SWINGS.

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard - and MIT - trained physician and the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet


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Enrollment Closes In...

The Reset Starts September 17th, 2018

Tired, overweight, low on energy and high on stress?


Until you fix your hormones you can cut calories and work out like a madwoman but the pounds and problems will remain...or get worse! I'll explain why in a second, but just to make sure this is for you, do any of these sound familar:

  • I’ve tried EVERYTHING and still can’t lose the weight
  • I’m moody, depressed, or anxious
  • I experience BRAIN FOG
  • Sleep is a big challenge
  • My energy is pathetic; there are days I just want to stay in bed
  • Despite throwing time and money at this problem, I'm still stuck
  • I’m deeply frustrated since I can’t figure out what’s going on

If any of these sound familar, I've got great news, a solution is much closer than you realize...

Get ready to finally take control of your hormones and reset your body to burn fat, beat stress, and boost energy in just 21 days. It may be hard to believe that your hormones could be wreaking havoc on your health and happiness, but just wait and see. Together, we can do this.

I invite you to join me and thousands of others who want to reverse the root causes behind these symptoms. There's no need to struggle alone.


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Let Me Be Totally Transparent With You...


I stopped the madness! It was like getting smacked in the face. The truth was scary. No one was coming to save me...I had to save myself.

  • I realized the standard medical education and approach (eat less, work out more) was totally failing. 
  • I was sick of fad diets pitched by celebrities with no scientific background or actual medical training. 
  • I stopped blindly following outdated recommendations from well-meaning but ill-informed male physicians.

I knew I had the training, burning desire and ability to figure out what was wrong with me. I began using my brain and body as a laboratory to find a solution that actually worked.

This tested approach is based on sound science from new research on hormones, food addiction, plus the physiological and emotional impacts of environmental and lifestyle stressors.

As a graduate of BOTH Harvard Medical School and MIT, I developed a passion for evidence-based medicine. I am a board-certified gynecologist and I’ve practiced natural hormone balancing for 25 years.

I dove deep into everything available on how to reset hormones, weight and food struggles, functional medicine, nutritional endocrinology, and “nutraceuticals” (food based, non-prescription alternatives to pharmaceuticals).

Later I become a certified yoga and meditation instructor, studied ancient healing systems like Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and herbs. Then I tested the findings on myself.

As I began to unlock the secrets to hormonal health I was SHOCKED, AMAZED, and THRILLED to discover a protocol that can bring the body back into balance and naturally helps:

  • Clear Brain Fog
  • Drop Excess Weight
  • Balance Mood
  • Increase Energy and Reduce Fatigue
  • Improve Sleep

First, I healed myself, inside and out.

My relationship with my husband, kids, and my practice rose to new heights. I was HAPPY IN MY OWN SKIN at long last! I was so excited that I invited women in my private practice to join me in the new reset protocol.

Word spread FAST as they too experienced dramatic shifts in weight, energy, sleep, mood, and clarity.

The idea is simple: in 3-day bursts, you’ll focus on making easy dietary changes that reset your hormones.

Every 3 days, you’ll trade-up from specific metabolism-wrecking foods to the nutrient-dense foods that reset your hormones and heal your broken metabolism.

Over Ten Thousand THRILLED women later, my protocol has been upgraded to make it easy to use with self-assessments, daily steps and a supportive community.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DIFFICULT CASES: If you happen to be one of the few who need support beyond what your body can accomplish on the 21-day detox, you will get recommendations for testing and finding the functional medicine clinicians in your area to get the help you need.

Leave the feeling of diet OVERWHELM behind for good!
"My experience was not only life-changing, it was LIFE Giving." -- Tanya B.

Your Three Phase Transformation Plan


Phase 1: Get Ready [up to 14 days]

  • Lay a proper foundation for losing weight for good & lasting change
  • Get mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to RESET together
  • Log into our newly improved RESET membership site & community.
  • Meet our Hormone RESET Ambassadors: veterans of the program who will guide and encourage you to attain the results you deserve
  • Hear from me and our team of RESET nutritionists
    Connect and start sharing with like-minded women in our support community
  • Mentally prepare for a journey of self-care and discovery where you learn to put a ME back into your life

Phase 2: Reset [21 days]

  • Learn and adopt my seven scientifically-based hormone resets. Each reset [food elimination] corresponds to a key hormone.
  • During the first six resets, you’ll enjoy two healthy meals and drink one approved reset shake as a meal replacement.
  • On your final reset, you’ll move to two shakes and one meal daily, for an even deeper reset and detoxification.
  • You’ll gently reset your metabolism by gradually eliminating metabolic hormone-blocking foods—including meat and alcohol, sugar, high-fructose fruit, caffeine, grains, and dairy—one at a time, in successive three-day bursts.
  • You only need to spend a minimum of about 10 minutes each day, or if you’re inclined and have more time, you choose to take an optional deeper dive into the online member site’s resources and tools. It’s totally up to you and was designed for both levels of participation; we don’t want to increase your stress.
  • You’ll hopefully experience AMAZING RESULTS similar to our thousands of alumni: most lose weight, feel energized and begin to feel at home in their bodies again!

Phase 3: Reentry [9 days]

  • Having finished the resets, it’s time to learn about your body. This is the most illuminating phase of all as you gain novel insight into yourself.
  • You’ll slowly re-introduce the foods you eliminated and discover which ones cause a reaction, such as weight gain, inflamation, sleep or mood problems.
  • This invaluable feedback on your personal biochemistry can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, prevent disease, and reverse brain fog.
  • Learn and plan on how to sustain and maintain the new you --- holding onto and cherishing your results!
  • During reentry, you’ll return to eating two healthy meals and drinking one approved Reset shake each day.

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The Hormone Reset Detox



All of your course materials are conveniently accessed through our Detox membership site. We’ve organized everything for you in a super simple-to-use, password-protected website platform. It provides you with the STEPS, guidance and coaching for DEEP TRANSFORMATION.

You can use the member site on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, so the RESET is always with you.

The site is conveniently arranged by Reset phase with a standard template for each, including self-assessments, Dr. Sara videos, Q&As, cheat sheets, sample meal plans, and easy guidance.

2. Community

It’s not fun to go it alone and research shows that your weight loss is doubled to tripled with accountability.

We take this data to heart by providing many levels of community for you to feel welcome, supported and guided as part of our Reset tribe.

We have a private Reset Community Circle for you to immediately join and connect with other like-minded detoxers.

Beyond that, you canfriendprivate message and LIKE others, as you create your own accountability group.

The Reset Community Circle is a private Facebook group so it's easy and convenient to share and encourage!

3. Transformational Content

My private membership site provides you with the most cutting-edge methods for restoring hormonal and sacred balance to your body and life.

It’s also designed to remove all the guesswork that’s typically involved in other programs.

We’ve greatly simplified the process, dividing the information into two parts: 4 recommended steps that are fast and easy and another advanced track that is optional if you have time – totally your choice, there are no grades here.

10-15 minutes daily sets you up for success!

4. Detox Calendar, Syllabus & Quick Start Guide

Clear, convenient tools for staying on track and preparing for what’s coming up during the Detox’s prep, the seven hormone resets, and reentry phases. Enjoy my new Hormone Reset Detox Quick Start Guide, which will help you get and stay on track. Designed to help direct, guide & support you.

5. Personally Taught By Dr. Sara

Every lesson features Dr. Sara teaching you via video and audio clips everything you need to know for a successful Detox and how to create new powerful habits.

Her classes help explain each detox phase and hormone reset, as well as provide best practices from past detoxers.

6. Step-by-Step Detox Guidance

Simple daily tasks and information for a rewarding and EASY Detox experience.

Daily Detox guidance and support is provided, along with the ability to ASK questions and interact with our Hormone Reset nutritionists and ambassadors.

It's like playing a game each day...how many points can you get?!

7. Shopping List, Menu Plans 

NO CONFUSION ABOUT WHAT TO EAT! Simply shop from the shopping list provided, and then follow the recipes and meal plans!

8. Detox Recipe Books

Delicious recipes for drinks, shakes, meals, and even desserts you can enjoy — without guilt — during your Detox. The recipes are yummy and tasty for the entire family.

9. Access to Our Private Detox Reset Community Circle 

Get the support and accountability you need by connecting with women from around the world who are participating in Dr. Sara’s Detox. You’ll be invigorated by the power of our community — and the wisdom, encouragement, and tips you’ll receive will help you stay motivated and on track. The social element also adds fun to the program and boosts your oxytocin.

10. Hormone Boosting Supplements 

Two packages include RESET-approved shakes and fiber. We suggest that you take detox supplements to help you burn more fat and remove toxins, as well as taking a daily dose of high quality omega-3. The Detox supplements help enhance liver function, stabilize blood sugar, reduce heavy metals, and seal leaky gut. You may choose to find your own shake powder, fiber and detox supplements. Or, if you live within the U.S. or Canada, you can get everything you included in your kit at for a huge savings.

Three Transformation Options



Option 1:
Digital Program + Starter Detox Kit

 Normally $424
(save over $200)





Option 2:
Digital Program + Total Detox Kit

 Normally $624
(save over $300)





Option 3:
Digital Only Program

 Normally $197
(save over $100)



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US & Canada Shipping Only

We're offering this limited-time special to you because we want to help you get your hormones back on track and live the life of your dreams! Everyone's waiting for you in the Detox Circle community ... See you there!

PLUS... You get these AWESOME BONUSES from Dr. Sara


"I had an incredibly enlightening experience during the detox in that I realized my body still had incredible potential to regenerate, renew and repair itself... all concepts I had given up on long ago and after menopause... in fact I had completely forgotten what it FELT like to feel SO good." -- Cindy B


My mission is to help women reconnect from cell to soul to get back home in their bodies again. My life’s work has been in the field of women’s care and fine-tuning their hormones. Based on researching thousands of scientific studies, diets and functional medicine protocols, I’ve tested the process you are about to experience extensively over the past decade on myself, in my private practice one-on-one for hundreds of women, and online to thousands of women. Collectively, the results have been dramatic, allowing women to lose stubborn pounds and regain the joy in their lives. I started my medical practice to deliver babies and perform surgery, but later found that it is saving the QUALITY OF LIFE for women that turned out to be my true calling.”

Sara Gottfried M.D.


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"I have been through many detox programs and this by far is the most comprehensive." -- Alison G.   "I believe the Detox lifestyle and Dr. Sara have helped save my life." -- Elizabeth H.

There are many alternatives when it comes to weight loss.

This includes popular programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Paleo. Each has their own claims and some even have their own packaged food and weight loss centers.

Many of these programs do provide benefit, but few if any, get to the root cause of weight gain, low energy, poor sleep, and high stress. Beyond our food detox, many detox emotionally and address deeper level triggers.

Unlike almost all programs, we are a doctor/scientist-invented and led initiative.

Our offering is not a traditional diet, detox, or cleanse.

We help you reset your hormones.

Our goal is to get at the root cause of your symptoms and not just offer juices, packaged foods or calorie restriction.

Calories matter, but hormones and nutrients matter more.

I became a medical doctor to help people. I became a scientist to learn root-cause analysis and to decipher data to find effective and proven solutions.

You can trust that I have your care in mind and that everything offered here has been tested over the past decade.


What do I get in the Detox?

You get my 3-phase Detox with online member site, Reset Community Circle, measurement and tracking tools, expert nutritionists, Hormone Ambassadors, Dr. Sara reset videos and audio Q&As. Plus bonuses and special products discounts.

What are the dates for the Reset Detox?

Prep Phase 1 on Sept 17th - Sept 30th
Detox Phase 2 starts on Oct 1st-21st
Re-entry Phase 3 starts on Oct 22nd-30th

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 100% full money-back-guarantee for the Hormone Reset Detox Digital program. Just contact customer service by the last day of the program and we will issue you a refund. Products need to be unopened and returned before the end of the program.  Contact Customer Service support@reset360.com for Authorization number.

Is the Hormone Reset Detox just for women?

Absolutely not! This Detox works equally well for men and women. The only difference for men is that male participants may need to eat an additional meal or drink an additional shake each day in order to feel satisfied.

The Detox provides information on how to modify the program for male participants.

How is the Detox different than Dr. Sara’s book, The Hormone Reset Diet?

Our Detox provides a start date, accountability, and the deep dive you need for support and success. We provide the methodology, structure, and tools to set you up for a lifetime of vibrant health. The Detox has daily support from our team of Hormone Reset nutritionists, ambassadors as well as a vital and robust community of thousands, which hopefully will include you. We all start Day 1 together, which provides incredible support and group spirit. One detox alum said the program is "more success oriented than the book." And another mentioned that "just talking almost everyday about we are experiencing makes a BIG difference."

Is this a juice cleanse?

No. Dr. Sara’s Hormone Reset Detox focuses on eliminating foods that are toxic to the body or disrupt your hormones, and replacing them with hormone-balancing, metabolism-boosting foods.Instead of drinking juices, which are high in sugar and low in fiber (and other essential nutrients), we’ll integrate one to two hormone balancing RESET shakes. 

Will I have enough energy to go to work?

Definitely! Most people actually find that they sleep better and have MORE ENERGYduring the Hormone Reset Detox. When you eliminate the main foods that cause autoimmune reactions and hormone imbalances from your diet, your body will process the rest of your food more easily – and convert more of that food into clean, long-lasting energy. In addition, replacing some meals with shakes means less energy exerted for digestion and time-savings.

Do I need to take any supplements while I’m detoxing?

Yes! You will need to purchase or make RESET-approved shakes and fiber. We suggest that you take detox supplements to help you burn more fat and remove toxins, as well as taking a daily dose of high quality omega-3. The Detox supplements help enhance liver function, stabilize blood sugar, reduce heavy metals, and seal leaky gut. You may choose to find your own shake powder, fiber and detox supplements. Or, if you live within the U.S., you can get everything you need by purchasing one of the three levels of Dr. Sara’s Reset360 kits.

What if I can’t stick to the eating plan 100%?

In order to achieve maximum hormone balance and weight loss results, Dr. Sara highly recommends you stick to the specified food plan and scientifically-sequenced Detox schedule. The best way to do this is to PLAN AHEAD and keep plenty of Detox-approved foods on hand for meals and sudden hunger “emergencies.” That being said, do the best you can. If you get off-track, you can always jump right back on again! Progress, not perfection is the rule. There’s no such thing as “failing” the Hormone Reset Detox — and most participants are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to stick with the plan once you get started. Immediate benefits accrue for most participants, which creates positive momentum to stay the course.

I want to do the Detox, but I have a big trip/event during the program dates. Should I just wait for the next Detox to join?

Most people find that they can stick with the Detox, even during big trips or events. The main things you’ll need to pack are a shaker bottle or blender, and healthy foods from our approved list. As long as you have these items, you can do my Hormone Reset Detox anywhere, anytime! Why wait? There’s always a reason why you can’t start now, and the clock is ticking away at your health.

However, if you’re still worried that your event/trip will interfere with your Detox, you can sign up now and complete the Detox on your own time. In other words, you’ll have complete access to the online membership site until the end of the program.

I don't live in the United States. Can I still participate in the Detox?

Absolutely! Each Detox, we have participants from all over the world. Since our program is contained within its own private membership site, you can access your information at a time that is convenient for you. Just select our Option 3 plan that includes the digital program only.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship to the US and Canada. You may be able to find a similar product in your country. We suggest taking a list of products and ingredients to your local health food store and asking what products would be comparable to ours. Unfortunately, we are unable to give any specific product recommendations. The Detox recommends a daily shake, extra fiber and detox essentials supplements.

How do I get my other questions answered?

If we can assist you in answering further questions please contact our customer service by emailing us at support@reset360.com.


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Dr. Sara's Commitment to You

My vision for you is to feel sparkly, fulfilled, and content — from the inside out.  With that said, if you aren't totally satisfied with my Detox Program, just let my support staff know, before the end of the program and we will issue you a full refund.


If you have any questions or concerns about the program or our Reset360 products and kits, email us at: support@reset360.com


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