Dr. Sara's 7-Day Younger Challenge

Are you happy with the way you’re aging?

If you’re tired of being told you’re getting older, or that you should accept the joint pain, weight gain, or high blood sugar as just part of aging, then it's time to register for Dr. Sara's new 7-Day Younger Challenge.

The 7-Day Younger Challenge is for you if...

  • Your sleep is poor
  • You're plagued by memory problems or "senior" moments
  • You have wrinkles, age spots, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions
  • Your energy is low
  • You don't want to excercise
  • You're interested in a natural approach that's firmly grounded in the latest cutting-edge science and led by a board-certified medical doctor
  • You believe in treating underlying whole body issues and want to get to the root causes of fast aging



In this online course, Dr. Sara Gottfried M.D., one of the world’s leading hormone experts and New York Times bestselling author, guides you on a path to slow down your aging and lengthen your healthspan by addressing your genes.

You'll learn the reasons your aging speeds up in our modern day word of busyness. You begin by self-diagnosing where you're aging too fast and where small shifts will have the most powerful impact.

We ran our pilot Aging Reset based on the Younger Protocol and the feedback shows:

  • 97% would recommend the Protocol to a friend
  • 93% increased their Healthspan Score
  • A 4.77 rating (of 5) on Protocol emails
  • A 4.69 rating (of 5) on Protocol materials

This IS your birthright! It’s your future – and it starts now.
You're not alone and we’re here to guide you to a younger life.

7-Day Younger Protocol

With easy-to-follow emails and course materials, our roadmap guides you through the full Younger Protocol to develop your personal anti-aging plan. Our program is designed to hold your hand and inspire you for deep, long-lasting results.

Build a strong foundation for your Younger Challenge by gathering your supplies and motivation. Upgrade your food, sleep, and exercise with the 3 Anti-Aging Prerequisites
Monday, March 13th
Once your foundation is built, it's time to pick your Challenge start date. Its entirely up to you to choose when you're ready to start
7-Day Protocol
Over the 7 Days of your Challenge, you will review, learn, and implement elements from each of the 7 Younger Protocols




Testimonials from our 8-week
Younger Protocol program

Barbara T.

Finally a waist under 35 inches, more energy to do clutter clean up (neaten the bedroom for restful sleep), get rid of piles of clothes that are now too big. So glad I joined the Aging Reset group and plan to continue!”

Rebecca V.
“This protocol was rich with content… The Community sharing was lively, diverse and intelligent which added another dimension to the experience. I liked the way the 7 sections overlapped making room for individual adjustments. Thank you, Dr. Sara and staff for a very provocative experience!”

What Does the 7-Day Younger Challenge Include?

Dr. Sara designed this program to not overwhelm. We're all busy and most of us are pushed to the max. So easy, simple and effective is what you get.

  • You will PREP using Dr. Sara's Quick Start Guide and our private Facebook Community
  • Every morning you'll get a daily program email and a specific Protocol video
  • You'll calculate your current healthspan and learn how to improve it, so you feel fantastic as long as possible
  • We'll provide you with a 7-Day Younger Challenge Journal for you to dive deeper into each Protocol
  • Our Nutritionist and Younger Ambassadors are in the private Facebook Community to support you
  • Gain access to our Anti-Aging Food Guide and Skincare & Cosmetics Guide
  • We provide an optional Aging Reset Essentials supplement at a discount to support your anti-aging efforts

Digital Program + Aging Reset Essentials
$59 (Save 53%)


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How are we different?

As you may know, Dr. Sara is a Harvard Medical School/MIT/UCSF-educated OB/GYN. Beyond that, she’s a certified yoga instructor. All of her protocols are extensively researched, evidence based, and tested in large groups. Her protocols were first studied and tested on herself as a laboratory, based on the principles and methodologies of functional medicine. Dr. Sara has personally counseled over 25,000 women to help balance their hormones and return back home in their bodies again, and hundreds of thousands have read her two New York Times bestsellers: The Hormone Cure and the Hormone Reset Diet. This online course is based on her third book, Younger (HarperOne, March, 2017).

Dr. Sara focuses on root cause in all her work, avoiding fads that are not science-based. She uses the medical research methods taught to her at Harvard Medical School.

Despite her extensive training, Dr. Sara has written that earlier in life she was a food addict and that her hormones were out of whack.  She's a busy author, mom, and wife, and understands the stress of high cortisol, being out of balance, and aging too fast.  She seeks permanent life altering solutions that are transformative for herself as well as ALL women.  Suffering a single day longer is not an option to her. She's committed to using her knowledge to help you improve your life to one of high energy, a clear mind,  slow aging, directed passion and HOPE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain how the 7-Day Younger Challenge program works?

You get Dr. Sara's 7-Day Younger Challenge program with a Private Facebook Community, meal plans, a challenge journal and tracking tools, expert nutritionists, Younger Ambassadors, Dr. Sara and David Gottfried protocol videos. We offer an optional, but highly recommended Aging Reset Essentials Supplements (Save 18%).


Will the 7-Day Younger Challenge have a Community Forum?

Yes. Just like our 7-Day Detox program, we will have a private Facebook community where you can communicate with other program participants. You'll also be supported by our Younger Ambassadors, nutritionsts and coaches. Change takes knowledge, structure, discipline, and nurturing support - and we provide you with all of these essentials to help you improve your aging right away.


Does the 7-Day Younger Challenge come with supplements?

Yes. We've created an all-new supplement called Aging Reset Essentials with key high-quality and anti-aging ingredients. This exclusive formula from Dr. Sara is the combination of 3 key anti-aging ingredients. It includes optimal levels of Berberine (a plant compound with anti-inflammatory and metabolism-balancing effects), Resveratrol (mimics the benefits of calorie restriction - that is, eating less - and is a strong anti-oxidant) and Vitamin D (which impacts the expression of at least 3,000 of your 25,000 genes), along with a number of additional synergistic ingredients; Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Quercetin (Milk thistle seed extract) and natural tocotrienol and tocopherol powder (from fruits of palm tree). *


Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 100% full money-back guarantee for the 7-Day Younger Challenge program. If you're not fully satisfied, just contact our customer service rep by the last day of the program and we'll refund all your money for the digital program. We offer a 30-day full refund for the Aging Reset Essentials supplement.


About Dr. Sara Gottfried

"At age 44, I received a research opportunity few medical scientists would wish for. I performed a test of how fast I was aging, and I failed. I was aging 20 years faster than my chronological years according to my telomeres (the protective caps on chromosomes that deal with aging). My telomeres needed rescuing, so I dived into the science and created a breakthrough protocol to fix them."

Sara Gottfried MD is the author of the new book, Younger: A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging, and Turn Back the Clock 10 Years . She's a two-time New York Times bestselling author. After graduating from Harvard Medical School and MIT, Dr. Gottfried completed her residency at the University of California at San Francisco. She is a board-certified gynecologist who teaches natural hormone balancing and how to slow down aging in her novel online programs so that women around the world can lose weight, detoxify, and slow down aging. Dr. Gottfried lives in Berkeley, California.

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